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IRC: irc.lostcarrier.net #techcentric
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Phone: (866) 667-1337 or (360) 226-7313 - Extensions Below

Bios and Contact Info

Will - will at techcentric (dot) org
Will’s the most experienced of the TechCentric crew. When he’s not stuck on hold at IVR prompts waiting for someone to pick up a la Episode 1-1, he’s usually found playing with his Asterisk phone server, a Bash prompt, or with a soldering gun in his hand with the tip to a relatively interesting-looking PCB.
AIM: TCentric Will
Extension: x1337
Personal Site: None

Steve - steve at techcentric (dot) org
The modder of the bunch, Steve likes to get his hands involved in all manner of projects, like his Mini-ITX or one of his many game consoles. He’s usually found with his DS or PSP in tow, or a Dremel in hand, and he’s never without a brilliant creative idea. He's also the primary segment editor, so the majority of the videography is in his hands.
AIM: TCentric Steve
Extension: x1340
Personal Site: None

Nick - nick at techcentric (dot) org
Nick also has more than a decade of computing experience under his belt, and is a collector of anything that beeps, lights up, or boots past the POST screen, preferably bearing an Intel sticker. He’s responsible for maintaining the site, but when he’s not doing that, he’s probably got his nose pressed to a book or is coding the next killer app.
AIM: TCentric Nick
Extension: x1339
Personal Site: TwoSlashes.com

Jared - jared at techcentric (dot) org
Jared, the newest addition (human addition, anyway) to the TechCentric crew, is the paranoid. While ducking under his trademark tinfoil-lined TechCentric hat, he’s usually bound to bring you security or insecurity tips.
AIM: TCentric Jared
Extension: x1338
Personal Site: None

Due to the massive influx of communications we get, I’m afraid we have had to lay down the following rules:

  1. No, Will will not have your children. He’s far too busy, and he also doesn’t want to contribute to the increasing level of overpopulation.
  2. Due to increasing fuel costs, our personal lives, and Sputnik, we can’t send you our computers, parts, or any part of our anatomy. So please, stop asking.
  3. You can communicate with us via the PBX, IRC, AIM, or the forums. The only other phone number we’re handing you is to the local pizza place. (Steve, what toppings do you want on your pizza?)
  4. TechCentric is based in the central United States. Sorry, Europeans need not ask us to travel over; it’s not happening.
  5. Teh_Show is dead. We’re not resurrecting it, and we’re not explaining to you why it’s dead, because we’ve done it one too many times. It just is. And on the same note, please don’t ask about J-Hood not being here. We’ve gone over it too much and we also feel it’s somewhat personal between the cast members and doesn’t need to be public. Long live Teh_Show.
  6. The crew doesn’t ordinarily go out in Matrix garb. We don’t care how much you want to see everyone in black leather; it’s just not comfortable.
  7. As a result of the reaction to the Valentine’s Day skit, Nick is no longer accepting Valentine applications. Sorry ladies.