Submitting Extra Content

Some shows only offer you a limited amount of extraneous content to enjoy, such as wallpaper or extra clips. TechCentric is all about sharing information and viewer interaction, and in the name of such, we're open to any viewer submissions, provided that they follow our guidelines listed below.

  1. The content submitted must not contain inappropriate images or crude/vulgar language. In cases of illegal content, such as child pornography, your submission will be forwarded to the authorities.
  2. The content submitted can parody any existing TechCentric content, but cannot be personally damaging to anybody, crew member or otherwise.
  3. The content submitted should not violate any copyrights in the United States, except for parodies (which are legal under United States law), especially as TechCentric is based and hosted in the United States.

If you think your content follows the guidelines above, feel free to e-mail them to Nick (nick at techcentric (dot) org), who will perform a review of the item against these guidelines, and post it to the website if it qualifies.

If your submission is a video clip or larger than 10 MB, please upload it to a site such as Wikifortio and in lieu of attaching the file directly, send anything that might be needed to get the file. If the submission is approved, it will be hosted directly from the TechCentric site. If sending multiple items at once, either bundle them in a compressed file such as a ZIP or RAR (really, anything will do, as long as it's a package) or send each separately.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the show and our licensing, any submissions have to be licensed under Creative Commons (or a similar license with free-dissemination rights) to enable us to freely distribute them. If you are not willing to commit to these terms, don't submit.